Submit Abstract

Registered and participants who have paid and wish to present a paper are welcome to submit abstracts to the sessions given below. Please note that sessions other than the ones listed below have different formats, where papers will not be presented.

Session 3A

Water Governance and Security – Saving Urban Water from Urban Decay

Session 3B

Pakistan’s Love Affair with Murray Darling

Please follow the steps as given below:

Step 1

Register and pay

Step 2

Prepare an abstract (250 words or less)

Step 3

Indicate which session it is for (number and name)

Step 4

Send to Deadline for submission of abstracts is 31st August 2019

Step 5

Receive acknowledgment

Step 6

Discussion in Academic Committee

Step 7

If the paper is selected, the presenter will be informed and sent a format for it

Step 8

Submit paper (and PowerPoint presentation if applicable) Deadline for submission of paper is 25th October 2019

The papers will be part of the printed proceedings of the conference that will come out two months after the conference.

For more information call:

Kausar Hashmi

021-99261261-68 (ext: 2382)